Your Say: Give families of shooting victims privacy

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A roadside memorial of 27 wooden angels is displayed in Newtown, Conn., on Sunday.

This is just not right. The list of the 26 victims killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Shows all those birth dates in the mid-2000s. Children that young should never be on this type of list.

If anything, they should have been on Santa’s list. What is this world coming to?

David Lee.

One little girl, Charlotte Bacon, has the same birth date as my son, Feb. 22, 2006.

This is so hard to believe. I feel like homeschooling my kids.

Lauren Welzenbach.

Looking at these little faces is heartbreaking. How can this be? I just don’t understand this.

We, as a country, should not allow this to happen again, by any means necessary. If not, how can we say we are a great nation?

Micheal Penn.

The news media need to leave these family members alone. We don’t need more lame questions and disrespect for privacy. These people need to be given time alone so they can grieve and heal.

Ronald Curtner.

Obituaries are public records. News reporters are doing their jobs. My heart cries for all involved. This isn’t a time to criticize; it’s a time to hold hands and pray.

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Donna S. Roy.

I hope these families would not be hounded by the press, but I would rather see the victims’ names than that of the shooter’s plastered all over the place, as if he is somebody important.

Brandi Welch Shultz.

I hope that people and the news media leave families alone to grieve, I agree. But people in the community want to know who was lost. For me, looking at the names and the birth dates brought home the tragedy even more. I’m far from Connecticut but live in a similar community where nobody could imagine this horror. Words just can’t express the emotions.

Jerome Mansfield.

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