Kate Douglas embraces her lack of pop-culture exposure

"Dark Spirit" by Kate Douglas.

Some authors are just so difficult. You assign them a task, and it turns out they don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Sigh. Not that Kate Douglas, author of Dark Moon and Dark Spirit, is like that. Nooo. Here, she wiggles her way around her assignment … And I’m OK with that. : ).

Kate: Joyce Lamb generously offered me a chance to post to her HEA blog, and I’m still chuckling over the suggestions she gave me — she wanted my answer to one of the following questions:.

What are three of your favorite TV shows (current or classic)?

What are three of your favorite love songs?

What are three of your favorite movies?

What are three of your favorite reality shows?

What are three of your favorite desserts?

Who are three of your favorite celebrities?

Let’s see … I don’t watch TV. The nightly news on occasion, 60 Minutes when something interesting is on, but otherwise I’m either writing or reading, so that’s out.

Favorite love songs? Don’t really have any. I love music, but no favorites, though I’m a bit partial to Phillip Phillips. I had no idea he got his start on American Idol. I’ve never watched the show. Favorite movies? I like Wolverine. I think that’s the last one I saw, and it was a rented DVD. I can’t stand reality shows. Don’t those people even consider how stupid they look? I don’t eat desserts, and most celebrities are pretty unimpressive — unless we’re talking authors. Jayne Ann Krentz, Robyn Carr, Joey W. Hill … Now those women are celebrities in my book, which brings me to why I don’t know much about TV or movies or celebrities. Most of the time I write, but when I have free time and want to relax, I read.

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Is anyone else out there like me? I often wonder if I’m all alone, a total misfit in a media-connected world. I’d so much rather spend time in my imaginary worlds, lost between the pages of a book. I can’t be the only one like that. I hope I’m not!

If I’m not reading, I’m writing, and my latest writing project comes out Jan. 28. Dark Moon is the third book in my Spirit Wild series. Kensington is calling it book two, but they didn’t realize when they decided not to publish more, that I was continuing the series on my own. Dark Spirit came out Jan. 7, so it’s book two, which makes Dark Moon No. 3. The children of my Chanku shapeshifters from Wolf Tales are all grown up, and spirit guide Igmutaka knows it’s time to claim Mikaela Star Fuentes, the one promised to him at her birth. Only thing is, no one thought to copy Star on that directive, and she’s not a woman to go down without a fight. Dark Wolf is No. 1, Dark Spirit No. 2, and Dark Moon No. 3 — same sexy Chanku, same good stories. Enjoy! And thank you, Joyce. I tried. Honest I did!

Here’s the blurb about Dark Spirit (Spirit Wild book two, out now):.

Romy Sarika has known only pain and perversion since her mother was murdered twenty years earlier. But Romy’s mother died as a wolf, and her genetic legacy is part of Romy’s life–if only she can learn to call on that other half of herself. –.

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Jace Wolf and Gabe Cheval are on their annual survey of wild wolf packs in the Pacific Northwest, but when Jace uses his abilities to heal a badly injured wolf, he makes an unexpected discovery–the wolf is a shapeshifter. Jace, and Gabe are there as Romy learns to embrace her newfound heritage–one ruled by desire and needs she is only now beginning to understand. But will the power of the pack be enough to fight the evil force that wants Romy for its own?

And the blurb about Dark Moon (Spirit Wild book three, out Jan. 28):.

Chanku spirit guide Igmutaka has known since the day he held the tiny bay girl in his hands, that she would grow up to be his. Unfortunately, no one thought to copy Mikaela Star on the message. After years of avoiding her overbearing spirit guide, Star decides to return and face the beautiful and irritating man who has haunted her nights for much too long.

But first, she takes a small vacation in California, where Igmutaka just happens to be waiting.

Sunny Daye has known this day was coming. She and Ig have been lovers for years, but both of them accept that they are not meant to be mates. When Igmutaka tells Sunny her man is “out there, and coming closer,” she can barely contain her excitement. But Fen Ahlberg is not at all what Sunny expected–in fact, he is so much more that his mere existence may change the Chanku forever.

Find out more about Kate and her books at www.Katedouglas.Com. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter (@wolftales).

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